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Set up your business in Washington State

Businesses incorporated in Washington State can benefit from a long list of advantages. It is no wonder that for example tech companies, retailers, biotech firms, and Telco’s find their way to Washington State. Entrepreneurs can choose from several business structures that best suit their requirements and activities.

This website helps international entrepreneurs decide on the best company structure in Washington State. Additionally, this website and its founders, Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS, enable professionals a fast and easy incorporation procedure for their designated and preferred company structure. Yet, to ensure maximum safety and reliability, a personal interview to discuss your exact needs is required before we can incorporate your business.

Most business activities in Washington State, and especially those executed by corporations, require a business license to operate. This business license must be obtained before actual trading can start. The business license must be renewed annually while it is mandatory to file an annual report with the Department of Licensing as well. To assure that our customers can focus on their core activities, we help them with the full corporate administration, including the license renewal and annual return filings. Interested professionals can contact us for further information.


Company formation starts after several administrative procedures are completed and the individual needs are translated into the corporate structure. The incorporation of the company requires the appointment of at least one director, the issuance of share certificates and the approval of the business license. Also, the internal rules, procedures and responsibilities must be codified in the bylaws of the company.

The Department of Licensing is responsible for the application process that permits companies to conduct business in Washington state. In the United States, each individual state can decide its own requirements for companies to operate legally. Failure to comply with the licensing requirements permit government agencies to fine or close a business. The business license must be renewed annually.

Most of our clients who incorporate companies in Washington State are non US residents. Bank account opening in the United States is therefore usually burdensome. Yet, customer due diligence and know your client procedures are strictly followed by us as introducer to ensure an easier bank account opening process, both locally and abroad. Upon request by the client, we can offer bank account opening services in various other jurisdictions.

Income tax in the USA is imposed at federal, state and local levels. The (for profit) C corporation is taxed separately from its owners under federal income tax. A sophisticated corporate structure can thus result in a tax neutral position for the owners of the company. To comply with the federal, state, local and domestic laws in case the beneficiary is abroad, requires tailored and professional assistance.

Businesses with foreign management boards often need several corporate services to help them comply with local company laws. To ensure that our clients can focus on building and growing their business, several mandatory professional and (mainly) administrative tasks can be provided by us. Operating a business in Washington State in that way has the potential to become a profitable enterprise, instead of an ordeal.

Companies registered in Washington State, alongside several other states and jurisdictions, hire Legal Floris LLC to recover assets and funds blocked on (offshore) bank accounts or illegally taken via fraud, embezzlement, theft and other obscure acts. Where the Washington company is responsible for losses, we are able to assist the victims of such acts. The asset and fund recovery strategy assists groups of victims to ensure maximum success.